How do I cancel my subscription(s)?

Updated by Freebird

We’re sorry to hear that you’d like to cancel your Close Shave or Replenishment Plan. 

Before you cancel, we want to offer the ability to skip your next order, select a specific shipment date or adjust the frequency of your plan to fit your needs. 

You can update or cancel your membership at any time directly through your account and self-service member portal. 

Cancelation Instructions:

  1. Click Here to login to your self-service member portal
  2. Select "Manage Subscriptions"
  3. Select "Edit" for the specific active subscription you would like to cancel
  4. Scroll to the bottom of the page, and select "Cancel Subscription"
  5. You will be prompted to answer a few questions to help us better understand why you want to cancel
  6. Press "Continue to Cancel" and proceed to confirm your cancelation

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