What does waterproof mean? Can I use it in the shower?

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Learn more about the waterproof capabilities of the FlexSeries:

Our shaver was made to be used in the shower, if you wish. It has an IPX5 rating which is defined as the following: IPX5 can resist a sustained, low-pressure water jet spray. It is also IPX4 rated, meaning it is also protected against splashing water from any direction.

While our shaver has been tested for a variety of conditions, there is a point at which an increased water pressure or depth may harm your shaver.

How do I safely use my shaver in the shower?

First, always make sure that your trimmer is disconnected from all charging devices. Next, use your shaver as you normally would. We recommend using a gentle shower spray, as powerful jets of water over a prolonged period of time could damage your shaver. When you have finished grooming, dry your shaver with a soft cloth, and allow it to completely air dry before connecting it to any charging device.

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