What is the warranty on the FlexSeries?

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The FlexSeries comes with a standard 1-year warranty, or an upgraded lifetime warranty for active Close Shave Plan members.

Active Close Shave Plan members (subscribers) are eligible for a special Lifetime Warranty, subject to the following conditions:

If you are an: (a) active Close Shave Plan member who has (b) received a replenishment box within 90 days of submitting a warranty claim, we will honor up to two warranty claims in any 12-month period.

This policy applies only to the FlexSeries device, not the blade or other attachments.

The FlexSeries Blade warranty differs, as it is a standard two-month warranty period that covers manufacturing defects, and does not cover any damages caused by human error or normal wear and tear.

The FlexSeries accessories are also covered by a two-month warranty period.

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